Du planst Deine nächste Reise? Sicher jetzt Deine Flüge mit Passengers friend Gold ab.

Travel agencies

Why us?

Passengers friend already collaborates with well over 3000 travel agency partners of all cooperatives, making it the market leader in Germany.

Passengers friend advocates for your customers when they encounter issues during their travels. We ensure to get the best outcome for your customer – completely risk-free. We only receive compensation if your customer also receives compensation.

Your benefits as a partner of ours:

At Passengers friend, as the market leader in Germany, we already collaborate with over 3000 travel agency partners. Join our team too! We advocate for your customers when they encounter travel problems. Flight delays or cancellations can naturally lead to customer dissatisfaction. While we can’t prevent flight disruptions, we assist your customers in enforcing their rights to compensation from airlines – conveniently and risk-free.

Offer your customer “more” service

This turns an unhappy customer who had a problem on their trip into a satisfied customer who appreciates your comprehensive service.

  • Connection to midoffice systemsIf you wish, we can automatically check your sold flights for existing claims and do this retroactively for the last three years.
  • The customer collects the check from your office. We send the check for your customer directly to your office. You deliver the happy news yourself.

Upon request, we automatically examine your sold flights for any existing claims, extending retrospectively for the past three years. (Integration with Midoffice systems).

We’ll send the check for your customer directly to your office.

The customer collects the check from your office.

You convey the delightful news yourself.

Brandnew: Passengers friend Gold

With Passengers friend Gold and Passengers friend Gold 365, we aim to provide you and your customers with the opportunity to protect themselves in advance from issues such as flight cancellations and delays. Offer your customer a comprehensive travel protection for your flights. Whether it’s for a single trip or for all flights in a year. In case of issues such as flight cancellations, we handle it without commission, ensuring 100% of your entitlement against the airline. Explore our flight check – Now with Passengers friend Gold.

Our Partner Service

  • For any inquiries regarding travel law, you can reach us by phone. You’ll receive a link and materials for your website. This way, your customers can submit applications directly through your website.

Information material

Specifically for our travel agency partners, we have compiled materials to help you advise your customers optimally. Contact us, and we will immediately send you our information material.

Download material

Download your customer compensation application and our travel law guide.