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Implementing passenger rights and claiming up to €600 entitlement

Throughout Germany, there are about 1.9 million eligible passengers, but only a few know their travel rights and try to enforce them against the airline. We have set ourselves the goal of informing you as a traveler about your rights and assisting you in asserting them.

What is your case?

Your flight is delayed by more than 3 hours? According to the European air passenger rights, you are entitled to compensation of up to €600 per person. Whether you are traveling for leisure, individually, or on business, it does not matter. With our assistance, you can quickly and easily assert your claims. We’ll show you how to handle such situations correctly and support you in claiming the compensation you are entitled to from the airline.

The excitement for the upcoming trip is high, but then comes the shock: Your upcoming flight has been cancelled. Immediately, questions arise: Do I have a right to compensation for a flight cancellation? How can I effectively enforce my rights? Passengers friend is here to support you and help you gain clarity in the situation of cancellation. We not only assist you in understanding your entitlements but also in asserting them against the airline. Together, we enforce your rights and guide you on the next steps in such a situation.

Sometimes flights are diverted. Your flight has been diverted and you miss your connecting flight or arrive late at your destination? In such cases, as a passenger, you are entitled to various services that you should take advantage of. Did you know that, for example, you have the right to assistance services such as free meals, refreshments, and possibly hotel accommodation? Do not hesitate to claim these services and insist on your rights.

Based on your flight data, we carefully examine whether you are entitled to compensation for a missed connecting flight and enforce your rights on your behalf. A direct flight to the desired destination is not always possible. Especially with complex flight routes involving multiple legs, delays can occur that affect your entire travel itinerary. In such cases, it is important to know how to react and what steps to take. We not only show you how to act correctly in such a situation but also actively support you in obtaining the compensation you are entitled to under EU law.

Airlines often oversell more seats than are available on the aircraft to optimize their capacity. This sometimes results in passengers like you being denied a seat due to overbooking and not being allowed to fly. In such a frustrating situation, we stand by you with experienced travel rights lawyers to help you assert your rights. We provide you with all the information regarding flight overbooking and explain which claims you can make.

When you book a flight, you trust that it will proceed as planned. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for airlines to change flight times shortly before departure, disrupting your entire travel itinerary. Hotel accommodations, rental cars, and excursions are already arranged at the destination, but now you must rearrange all plans due to the rescheduling of your flight. You’re faced with the choice of adjusting your travel plans and choosing another flight or, in the worst case scenario, purchasing a new flight. These circumstances are not only frustrating but can also be costly. In such cases, secure your entitlement to compensation with us, Passengers friend.

After a relaxed flight, you expect a prompt retrieval of your luggage at the baggage carousel, but unfortunately, it happens that luggage pieces are damaged, delayed, or even lost. As a passenger, in such cases, you are entitled to certain rights under the EU air passenger rights to compensate for the damage incurred. It is essential that you have a clear understanding of your rights to act accordingly. With our support, you can effectively assert your entitlements and ensure that the damage does not fall on you. We help you navigate through the bureaucratic maze and assert your claims clearly and assertively.

You arrive at the airport full of anticipation, only to find out that a strike has been announced. What now? Often, strikes lead to significant delays or even flight cancellations. It is crucial to understand that airlines are obligated to compensate travelers for flight disruptions if they are responsible for them. Strikes by their own staff are usually the result of failed wage negotiations and serve as leverage to strengthen their bargaining position. In such situations, you are entitled to compensation of up to €600 per person. Trust our expertise to assist you and ensure that you receive the compensation you are legally entitled to.

Your flight is delayed or even canceled? The airline cites exceptional circumstances, yet the exact meaning of these circumstances often remains unclear. Exceptional circumstances include all events that are outside the normal operation of an airline, are unforeseeable, and cannot be influenced by the airline. But what rights do you have in these various cases and how can you assert them? We enlighten you on the intricacies and legal details. Understand precisely in which situations the airline is actually liable and when you are entitled to compensation.

Due to the canceled flight, not only inconveniences but also follow-up costs for accommodation, meals, and other necessary expenses have arisen? According to EU Regulation 261, which regulates air passenger rights, airlines are obligated in certain cases to cover these follow-up costs for you as a passenger. However, the exact circumstances under which you are entitled to reimbursement can be complex. We’ll tell you when the airline must bear these costs and how you can assert your claims. With our assistance, you can demand the benefits to which you are entitled and receive support so that you do not incur the costs.

The Montreal Convention represents a significant step in the regulation of international air transportation. It replaces the Warsaw Convention and focuses on standardizing certain carriage rules to strengthen passengers’ rights regarding baggage issues, personal injuries, and delays.

Enacted on May 28, 1999, and coming into force on June 28, 2004, this agreement outlines clear guidelines for the responsibilities of airlines. It provides an essential legal framework relevant to both airlines and passengers, enabling transparent and fair handling of aviation issues.

The primary objective of the Montreal Convention is to establish a uniform and clear legal basis that is understandable and applicable to both airlines and passengers. This contributes to more efficient claims processing and fairer treatment of passengers.

On our website, you can find more detailed information about the Montreal Convention and its significance for your rights as an air passenger.

The EU Regulation 261/2004, commonly known as EU 261 Air Passenger Rights, is one of the most important regulations in European aviation. This regulation protects passengers traveling on flights from the EU, to the EU (if operated by an EU airline), and within the EU. It provides a crucial framework for rights and compensation in cases of flight delays, cancellations, and denied boarding due to overbooking.

Regulation 261 aims to minimize inconveniences for air passengers and ensure that they are adequately compensated when their travel plans are disrupted by factors within the control of airlines. At its core, the regulation provides for compensation payments that can vary depending on the flight distance and duration of the delay. Additionally, it includes the right to care services such as meals, refreshments, and, if necessary, accommodation in case of an overnight stay.

Passengers friend offers comprehensive information on EU air passenger rights. We explain how you can assert your rights and provide support in enforcing your claims. Whether you have experienced a delay, your flight has been canceled, or you have been denied boarding, we provide valuable information and practical tips on how to handle flight issues and implementing your rights.