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About us

About us

Our ideals

We shake up the airlines

We want to make passengers aware of their rights and help them to enforce them. Many travelers don't even know that they are entitled to a compensation of up to €600 per person.

We know from experience that flight delays and cancellations are not only annoying, but also nerve-wracking. Travelers are often systematically ignored and put off with standardized letters. Even travel experts often get nowhere with their claims. Our personal service addresses your individual claims and finds a solution for every problem.

The legal situation is clear, but enforcing the claim is anything but easy: It takes time, assertiveness and a consistent attitude and can ultimately cost a lot of money (e.g. lawyer and court costs).

That's why we founded Passengers friend. With experienced lawyers at our side, we fight for your rights. On your behalf, we claim the compensation you are entitled to from the airline and assume all costs and risks for you.

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