Du planst Deine nächste Reise? Sicher jetzt Deine Flüge mit Passengers friend Gold ab.

Passengers friend Gold for
only 6,90 € per person

Passengers friend Gold 365
as annual subscription only
9,90 € instead of 19,80 €

Passengers friend Gold – our travel insurance

Your flight is cancelled and you don’t want to be stuck with your travel costs? However, after a flight problem you do not want to pay a commission to us? Then Passengers friend Gold is exactly what you need! If problems occur during your trip, we will enforce your claim against the airline!
With Passengers friend Gold you can secure your next flight in advance and receive 100% of your claim in case of problems such as flight cancellations, without paying a commission. Either one time or as a subscription for all your flights in one year! Get Passengers friend Gold now so you can enjoy your next trip stress-free.

What is covered?

We will act for you in case of the following problems:

  • Travel price reimbursement after cancellations
  • Flight delay
  • Flight cancellation
  • Flight changes
  • Flight overbooking
  • Baggage loss*
  • Baggage delay*
  • Damage to baggage*

*For all baggage problems we will only take action out of court

How does it work?


Buy Passengers friend Gold

If you have chosen Passengers friend Gold, you will receive a confirmation email from us after your registration, as well as your access link.


Register flight online

Before your flight departs, register your flight online by depositing the flight information via your access link. With our annual Passengers friend Gold 365 coverage, you can report the damage after it occurs.


Receive money

If we prevail in your claim, you will receive 100% of your compensation from us.

Our offer

Secure your flight once – for only € 6.90 per person.
Or insure yourself directly for a whole year – with Passengers friend Gold 365 – currently for only € 9.90 instead of € 19.80. During this period, all claims are covered for you, no matter how often you fly. Plan your trips in a relaxed manner and let us do the work for you if problems arise.

Who are we?

We at passengersfriend.com want to make passengers aware of their rights and shake up airlines. Many passengers do not even know that they are entitled to compensation of up to €600 per person in addition to the reimbursement of their flight tickets.
However, the legal situation is not always clear and simple. Through our cooperation with travel law experts and lawyers, we have made it our business to stand up for your passenger rights and to enforce your claims. On your behalf, we claim the compensation you are entitled to from the airline and assume all costs and risks for you.

Our advantages

Only Passengers friend Gold offers you all-round coverage for all your flights in one year – no matter how many claims occur. Enjoy the benefits of Passengers friend and it’s completely commission-free. You get paid 100% of your claim so you can sit back and enjoy your trip.

FAQ about Passengers friend Gold:

Exceptional circumstances are circumstances that do not correspond to the normal course of events, but you are entitled to compensation for a delay in arrival of more than 3 hours on flights departing in the EU or on flights that landed in the EU and the operating airline is headquartered in the EU.

Entitlement to compensation depends on the distance travelled:

up to 1500 km flight distance: 250 €
1501 to 3500 km Air distance: 400 €
more than 3500 km Air distance: 600 €

Yes, children over 2 years of age are also eligible.

In the case of minors, we require the signature of both guardians. If there is sole custody, it must be proved.

Passengers friend Gold has no age limit, which means parents can also register their children. Furthermore, you will receive immediate membership rights after completion of the registration.
Are there any problems? You are entitled to an unlimited number of requests for help!

Membership starts immediately upon receipt of payment.

All travelers who are able to do business can purchase Passenger Friend Gold. Passenger rights also apply to children. According to this, parents can also buy travel insurance for their children.

After successful completion of the order process, you will receive a confirmation e-mail.

In the event that you lose your confirmation email, please contact us by phone or e-mail. Our contact details

Detailed information about lost luggage can be found here.