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Flight Postponement And Change Of Flight Time

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Flight time changes are a major annoyance for travelers. When you book a flight, you assume that it will take place at the scheduled time. However, airlines often change flight times shortly before departure. Often, you consciously choose the time of departure and may even opt for a more expensive flight. It is particularly annoying when vacation time is lost due to the flight time change.

In the event of a flight time change:

Travelers often get to feel the arbitrariness of airlines. Shortly before departure, you receive information about the flight time change. The notification here is definitely too late. The EU Passenger Rights Regulation 261/2014 prescribes clear rules for flight postponements and flight time changes.

In many cases, you are entitled to a refund of up to €600 per person in the event of a flight time change.

Here’s what you need to know about flight rescheduling:

Decisive for the right to compensation is the time when you were informed about the flight time change.

If the airline or tour operator informs about the flight time change in a period between 0 to 7 days before departure, there is a claim if:

  • Departure is more than 1 hour earlier than scheduled
  • Arrival is more than 2 hours later than scheduled

If the airline or tour operator informs between 8 to 14 days before the flight date, there is a claim if:

  • Departure is more than 2 hours earlier than scheduled
  • Arrival is more than 4 hours later than planned

You are not sure if all conditions are fulfilled? We will be happy to check your entitlement to a refund for you:

That’s how much you’re entitled to compensation:

These requirements must be met in order to be entitled to compensation for a flight time change:

  • You should have checked in on time.
  • Your flight took place no more than 3 years ago.
  • Your flight departed from the EU (any airline) or landed in the EU (the airline is based in the EU).

Tipps: Was ist bei einer Flugverlegung zu tun Tips: What to do when a flight us rescheduled: accept or not accept?

Flight postponements are associated with great stress. Nevertheless, you should try to stay calm and keep a cool head. Follow a simple plan:

If you have been notified of flight time changes by email or phone, you can rebook or cancel your flight. The new flight may have a different number of changes or be on a different day. However, the ticket price may not be higher for the new flight. If you find out about the flight time change only at the airport, do not hesitate to exercise your right to assistance services.


If you change your flight time, you have enough stress. You don’t need to worry about reimbursement after the fact. That’s what we’re here for. We shake up the airlines and, with the help of lawyers, claim the compensation you are entitled to.

Get what you deserve.