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Throughout Germany, there are about 1.9 million eligible passengers, but only a few know their travel rights and try to enforce them against the airline. We have set ourselves the goal of informing you as a traveler about your rights and assisting you in asserting them.

What is your case?

Flight Delay

Your flight is delayed by more than 3 hours? In this case, you are entitled to claim up to 600 € compensation per person. Together with us you can claim your compensation. We will instruct you on how to handle these situations correctly.

Flight Cancellation

You are very excited about your next travel, but then you are notified that the flight is cancelled. You may ask yourself if you’re entitled to compensation now? No worries, Passengers friend will support you. Together we will enforce your rights and help you step by step.

Flight Diversion

Sometimes flights get diverted. Did your flight get diverted and now you miss your connecting flight, or you arrive at your destination too late? As a passenger you are entitled to certain benefits which you should take advantage of. As an example, did you know that you have the right for customer support by the airline?

Missed Connection

Based on your flight data, we check if you are eligible to compensation for your missed flight. If that is the case, we will help you to claim your rights. Together we will show you how to act correctly in these situations.


Airlines sell more seats than there are available on the plane to utilize them to capacity. You did not get a seat on the plane because of overbooking? We will explain everything you need to know about this topic.

Rescheduled Flight

At your destination all the hotels, rental cars, and daytrips are already booked, but then your flight got changed. Now you cannot spend your time as planned and you might need to take another flight or even buy a new one? Claim your compensation together with us, Passengers friend.


After leaving the plane, the next step is the baggage claim. You are waiting for your bag, but it arrives damaged, delayed, or doesn’t show up at all? As a passenger you are eligible to compensation for your damage. Make use of your rights, we will show you how.


You are excited about your flight but then you get the news that there is going to be a strike? Strikes often cause delays and cancellation of flights. In this case, you are eligible to compensation of up to 600 € per person. Our Passengers friend team will help you out.

Exceptional Circumstances


Your flight is late or maybe got cancelled? When airlines claim extraordinary circumstances as the reason you may wonder what counts as such a circumstance and what rights you have. We clarify them for you.

Additional Costs

Due to a cancelled flight, you are faced with extra costs such as hotel and food costs? In some cases, the airlines are obliged to compensate these costs for you as a passenger. We will tell you in which cases you can get your money back.