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Transport alternatives, perks, compensation, obligations of the airline in case of strike

Travelers’ rights in the event of a strike

Strike announcements are horror news for many vacationers during the peak travel season. For travelers, a strike mostly means that they must either expect long delays or even the cancellation of their flight. This is particularly annoying if you still have to catch your connecting flight.

Welche Erstattungsansprüche bei Streik der Airline - Fluggastrechte

This is what you should bear in mind in the event of a strike:

To ensure that you receive your compensation of up to €600 per person smoothly, there are a few things you can already do at the airport:

  • Have the delay or flight cancellation due to the strike confirmed in writing by airline employees.
  • Request alternative transportation (replacement flight or train ride).
  • Keep your flight tickets or booking confirmation safe.

Strike as an exceptional circumstance

Whether a strike constitutes an exceptional circumstance must be viewed in a differentiated manner. It depends on the type and organization of the strike. The following types must be distinguished:

  • Strike of the airline’s own personnel, such as ground and on-board personnel


  • Strikes by third parties, such as strikes by security personnel or air traffic control.
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The following should be noted:

If a flight delay or cancellation occurs due to a third party strike, then the EU Passenger Rights Regulation exempts the airline from the obligation to compensate. In general, however, the airline must prove that it has taken all possible measures to avoid the strike. However, in addition to compensation, the EU regulation sets out other rights of travelers that you should insist on.

Your air passenger rights in the event of a strike

Travelers, regardless of whether the strike qualifies as an extraordinary circumstance, have a right to receive benefits from the airline. These depend on the flight distance traveled:

  • Up to 1500 km: from 2 hours waiting time drinks, snacks and two phone calls or e-mails.
  • 1500-3500 km: from 3 hours waiting time drinks, meals and two telephone calls or e-mails
  • From 3500 km: from 4 hours delay drinks, meals and two phone calls or e-mails

If a flight delay of more than 3 hours or even a flight cancellation occurs due to a strike, the airline must offer travelers alternative transportation. If the airline does not fulfill this obligation, you can book a substitute transport yourself. You can then charge the airline for the costs incurred. We will be happy to help you with this as well! If you have to stay overnight due to the strike, the airline must also pay for the cost of the hotel room and transportation to and from the airport.

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In case of a flight delay, diversion or failure you have a right to get a compensation up to 600€
  • For flights with a distance of up to 1500 km you will receive compensation of up to 250 euros.
  • For flights with a distance of 1500 km – 3500 km you will receive compensation of up to 400 euros.
  • For flights with a distance of 3500 km or more, you will receive compensation of up to 600 euros.

Your right to compensation in the event of a strike

Airlines are obliged to compensate travelers for a flight disruption if it is their own fault. Strikes by the airline’s own staff are usually the result of failed collective bargaining and are used as a means of exerting pressure to strengthen the staff’s negotiating position. Therefore, the airline is responsible in such a case and must compensate you for the inconvenience caused.

The EU Passenger Rights Regulation clearly states that you are entitled to compensation in the event of a flight delay of more than 3 hours and flight cancellations. This depends on the distance flown. The following applies here:

up to 1500 km1500 km -3500 kmFrom 3500 km
up to
250 €
up to
400 €
up to
600 €


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