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Flight refund

The airline or tour operator does not pay? You are only offered a voucher or a rebooking? Passengers friend enforces your right and claims the travel price from the airline or tour operator!

Money back in case of travel cancellation

The current crisis has had a serious impact on the travel industry. It is striking that in the case of canceled flights or trips, only a few airlines or tour operators offer the possibility of ticket price reimbursement and mostly rely on the currently controversial voucher solution.

What is certainly a good solution for tour operators and airlines, in turn presents travelers with a major problem:

Travelers have booked the vacation in the confidence that they will get their travel costs back if the trip is canceled. In the current situation, many customers are also just as desperately in need of liquid funds as companies. Therefore, Passengers friend would like to help these people and assist in the reimbursement of the travel price.

Many travelers do not even know that they can insist on a payout of the originally paid travel price. According to Article 8 of the EU Passenger Rights Regulation, travelers do not have to accept a voucher, but have the right to choose. Even if the trip is cancelled due to the current pandemic, travelers are entitled to a refund of the travel price.


What rights do travelers have if a flight is cancelled?

The rights of travelers are clearly regulated in the EU Air Passenger Rights Regulation. Travelers have the right to choose between a replacement or rebooking or a refund of the ticket price. The airline is obliged to refund the ticket price to travelers within 7 days.

Do travelers have to accept vouchers or rebooking as a refund?

No, travelers do not have to accept vouchers in the event of a flight cancellation. The choice between a voucher or rebooking or reimbursement of the ticket price remains with the passenger. In recent days, airlines have increasingly tried to enforce reimbursement in the form of vouchers. The EU Commission's new Air Passenger Rights Guidelines clearly state that for flights departing from the EU or where the operating airline has its headquarters in the EU, the customer must be given the choice between a refund of the ticket price, substitute transportation or a rebooking.

What is the cost of Passengers friend's assistance with travel reimbursements?

Passengers friend works success-based. If we are not successful for you, you will not incur any costs. Passengers thus do not bear any cost risk. All necessary costs for the processing are taken over by us. Only in case of success, a success commission of 25% (incl. VAT) is due.

Will travelers also be reimbursed for seat reservations and baggage?

Costs for seats, baggage or meals on board are part of the airfare. If a flight is cancelled, the airline must also reimburse these costs.

What are the advantages of hiring Passengers friend for travel reimbursements?

Our travel law experts are informed about the latest European and national flight and travel law rulings. Due to their legal expertise, a solid assessment of the likelihood of success in travel reimbursement cases can be made. We take the work off your hands or those of your clients and increase the chances of success through our expertise.

Can Passengers friend be commissioned even if the traveler has already agreed to a voucher or rebooking?

Unfortunately no. With the acceptance of a voucher or the consent to a rebooking, the ticket costs are settled. Passengers friend can unfortunately not recover any further payments for you.

How long does it take to get reimbursed for my trip?

You will receive the travel reimbursement after the process is completed. The duration of the processing depends on various factors, for example, the details of each case, the airline and the processing of the courts. Therefore, it is unfortunately not possible to give an exact time. We will do our best to push your case through as quickly as possible.

Are travelers entitled to a refund of the travel price if they cancel themselves?

No. If the flight is canceled on the part of the passenger due to the current situation, travelers are not entitled to a refund under the EU Passenger Rights Regulation.