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We enforce your travel reimbursement

We will enforce your travel price refund

The airline or tour operator does not pay? You are only offered a voucher or a rebooking? Passengers friend enforces your right and claims the travel price from the airline or tour operator!

Money back in case of travel cancellation

The current crisis has had a serious impact on the travel industry. It is striking that in the case of canceled flights or trips, only a few airlines or tour operators offer the possibility of ticket price reimbursement and mostly rely on the currently controversial voucher solution.

What is certainly a good solution for tour operators and airlines, in turn presents travelers with a major problem:

Travelers have booked the vacation in the confidence that they will get their travel costs back if the trip is canceled. In the current situation, many customers are also just as desperately in need of liquid funds as companies. Therefore, Passengers friend would like to help these people and assist in the reimbursement of the travel price.

Many travelers do not even know that they can insist on a payout of the originally paid travel price. According to Article 8 of the EU Passenger Rights Regulation, travelers do not have to accept a voucher, but have the right to choose. Even if the trip is cancelled due to the current pandemic, travelers are entitled to a refund of the travel price.