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You couldn’t take your flight because it was overbooked?
- The arrival of your replacement flight at the destination is delayed more than 3 hours?

Then you are entitled to a compensation of up to € 600.00 per person.
Airlines use complex and detailed forecasting models in order to make optimum use of aircraft capacity. Nevertheless, it happens again and again:

Too many tickets have been sold for your flight and you have to remain on the ground. In addition, the airline is obliged to arrange a replacement flight or other transfer for you or refund your ticket costs and take care for you during the waiting period. You are entitled for compensation also if the airline offers you vouchers, cash or flight points.

Passenger rights are governed by EU Regulation 261/2004. Would you like to receive a compensation payment?

We can help.

Simply fill in the application form on our website, Passengers friend will immediately take over your case and you will receive the compensation payment you are entitled to.

Compensation for denied boarding

If a flight is cancelled, you have the same rights to compensation as if the flight had been delayed.
Compensation amount according to the scheduled route:

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up to 1.500 km flight distance: 250.00 €

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1.501 km bis 3500 km flight distance: 400.00 €

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more than 3.500 km flight distance: up to 600.00 €

Claim up to
600 € per person!


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