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Did you know that each traveler is entitled to up to €600 compensation if the flight was delayed for more than 3 hours? Passengers friend helps you to enforce these claims - and without any effort for you!

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per person!
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Flight delay

Passengers friend will take care of your claims for late, delayed, cancelled or overbooked flights and will help you get up to €600 or the costs incurred for new bookings.

There are 2 simple ways we can work together:
You regularly send us all booked travels, then we check the claims of your employees and contact you if there is a claim. Alternatively, you can only contact us if necessary.
We create an application for you with the submitted data, which we then send to the affected employee directly by e-mail. With a signature and the sending of a booking confirmation, the work on your side is done, we take over from there. You will receive the compensation directly to your company account after an average waiting time of 12 weeks.

Your benefits?

We work directly with your booking department/your travel agency, so there is minimum effort and you can still save travel expenses. They have the opportunity to save more than 50% of the cost of a cancellation and can make up for the disadvantages of a flight delay caused by a financial compensation.

Claim up to 600 €
per person!


Our free check will show you immediately whether you entitled to compensation.



Out team of experts start working on your claim right away.



No win, no fee.