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EU Air Passenger Rights: The Air Passenger Rights Regulation

Air passenger rights regulation actively strengthens your position in case of compensation for flight delays. This legislation applies to all flights that were boarded in the EU, Switzerland, Norway or Iceland, or to all EU-based airlines (with EU-airports as destination). The current regulation (261/2004/EG) entered into force in 2005.

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“Denied boarding”, “flight cancellation” or “long delay of flights” and ensuing compensation payments are at the heart of the air passenger rights regulation.

Companies providing scheduled flights, charter flights as well as budget flights will be liable even though the regulation does not distinguish between categories.

Your contact for Travel Law and Air Passenger Rights

In case of flight delay, flight cancellation or re-routing, Passengers friend will contact the airline and possibly the tour operator (e.g. if you have booked a package tour – guideline 90/314/EWG). Claims are always to be made to the respective airline. Passengers friend gives you the opportunity to assert your claim successfully.

“For you, our work does not entail any additional fees or risks: We will only receive payment (36% including VAT) in case of success – No win, no fee! If necessary, our lawyers will be ready to represent you in court.“ 

– Peter Finke, CEO at PF GmbH

In case of flight cancellation or denied boarding, charges are dependent on the distance between the airports of departure and destination. Not only the actual flight route will be considered, but also the distance calculated ‘as the crow flies’.

Flight Cancellation – Your Rights

If your flight is cancelled you might be entitled to a ticket refund, a free return ticket or alternative ways of travelling to your destination, as well as to reimbursement of expenses for meals and beverages and lodging according to air passenger rights.

Apart from that, in accordance with the EU air passenger rights, you are also entitled to reimbursement (“compensation payments”) to up to 600.00 Euros. The final amount depends on the time period of the cancellation, which means that if the passenger was informed of the cancellation at least 14 days prior to scheduled departure, airlines cannot be held liable for payment.

EU air passenger rights

A re-routing of several hours is, according to the BGH (Federal Supreme Court, judgement of June 2015), a reason to claim for damages.

Boarding denied? Know your passenger rights!

One reason for denied boarding may be overbooking.  Also in this case you are entitled to compensation payment according to EU air passenger rights regulation, as well as to reimbursement of the ticket price under certain circumstances. Besides that, you have the right to timely transportation to your destination or the earliest possible return flight to your airport of departure.

Regulations for flight delays

Thanks to the EU passenger rights regulation you may receive a compensation payment of up to 600.00 Euros for flights of more than 3 hours delay or cancelled flights, depending on the distance covered – regardless of the ticket price. The final amount will depend on the journey that was planned or the distance that has been already covered.

Passenger Rights regulate amount of compensation payment

  • up to 1500 km = 250.00 Euro
  • between 1500 km and 3500 km = 400.00 Euro
  • more than 3500 km = up to 600.00 Euro

Contact Passengers friend in case of delays or cancellations!

  • Passengers friend know all the details regarding EU passenger rights, airlines’ operational processes as well as their often rejectionist stance on compensation payments.
  • Passengers friend collaborate with specialised lawyers and travel experts that will enforce your rights – and represent you in court if necessary.
  • Passengers friend’s services are fair, transparent and without any additional fees. We will only receive a success commission if you really receive a compensation payment.