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Flight delay Condor

Many passengers have come across flight delays or cancellations, also customers of Condor.

  • If your flight operated by Condor was delayed by more than 3 hours or was cancelled, you are entitled to compensation. Contact Passengers friend, we will assess your case free of charge, aided by our lawyers who will also represent you in court if necessary.
  • The level of compensation in case a Condor flight or any other flight was delayed can come up to 600.00 Euro, depending on the distance between the airport of departure and destination.
  • If we successfully enforce your rights you will receive the sum you are entitled to. Our services are not limited to flights operated by Condor but extend to other airlines as well.
Condor flight delay

Experiences regarding delayed Condor flights

Our customers’ experiences have shown that Condor flights are not excluded from eventualities such as cancellations or delays. For Passengers friend this does not pose a problem, we examine, without obligation, your eligibility to claim a refund.

Passengers affected by flight issues keep reporting back positive experiences with Passengers friend, both in cases of questions regarding travel law as well as regarding assessment of claims: We will help you.

Passengers contact Passengers friend after being confronted with flight delays or cancellations: Give us the number of your Condor flight or any other airline and we subsequently assess if you are entitled to compensation – free of charge. If results are positive, Passengers friend will take care of negotiations with Condor or the airline concerned.

Passengers’ experiences

Passengers who contacted us after their flights were delayed are very positive about their experiences with Passengers friend. If your flight was more than 3 hours delayed we will claim a refund on your behalf, regardless of the airline concerned.

Here are some excerpts from customers’ experiences:

„Passengers friend did a great job, thanks a lot! They saved me from the frustration caused by mountains of paperwork.”

Antonia S. from Stuttgart

„Rapid and simple processing. Staff are always friendly.“

– Timo B. from Rostock

„Very uncomplicated! 8 hours delay. Passengers friend got us our money back. I can only recommend.“

– Berthold L. from Saarbrücken

Background knowledge about Condor

The German airline Condor has its headquarters in Frankfurt am Main and was founded in 1955 as “Deutsche Flugdienst GmbH” (German Flight Service GmbH). By now Condor is the fourth biggest airline based on fleet size and passengers carried.

Condor’s travel hubs include airports in Munich and Frankfurt am Main. The company’s first flights were scheduled for Tenerife and Majorca. The name was only changed to “Condor” when the “Condor-Luftreederei” (founded in 1957) took over the “Deutsche Flugdienst GmbH”.

Current travel destinations (2016) include 17 airports in Germany: Berlin-Schönefeld (SXF), Berlin-Tegel (TXL), Bremen (BRE), Dortmund (DTM), Dresden (DRS), Düsseldorf (DUS), Frankfurt/Main (FRA), Friedrichshafen (FDH), Hamburg (HAM), Hannover (HAJ), Köln/Bonn (CGN), Leipzig/Halle (LEJ), Munich (MUC), Münster/Osnabrück (FMO), Nürnberg (NUE), Paderborn/Lippstadt (PAD) and Stuttgart (STR).