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Flight delay in airlines

Airberlin flight delay


Time and again passengers are confronted with flight delays or cancellation when travelling. Many airlines have to deal with such eventualities, e.g. airberlin. If your airberlin flight is delayed, we…

Condor flight delay


Many passengers have come across flight delays or cancellations, also customers of Condor. If your flight operated by Condor was delayed by more than 3 hours or was cancelled, you are entitled…

Eurowings delay


Your journey was interrupted because your flight was more than 3 hours delayed or cancelled? Cancellations and delays occur on a day to day basis so that passengers have to start…

Lufthansa flight cancellations


Flight delays or even cancellations are not uncommon, almost every traveller has already experienced one or the other or even both. Also big airlines such as Lufthansa are not exempt…

Tuifly flight disruption


Flight delays and cancellations on private or business trips are no exception, also airlines such as TUIfly can be affected. If your flight is more than 3 hours delayed or cancelled, you are…