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Flight delay airberlin

Time and again passengers are confronted with flight delays or cancellation when travelling. Many airlines have to deal with such eventualities, e.g. airberlin.

If your airberlin flight is delayed, we are the perfect partner. In the event of a cancellation flight delay of more than 3 hours you can claim a refund. You are entitled to compensation of up to 600.00 Euro, depending on the distance between airports of departure and destination.

In case of flight delay for a flight operated by airberlin Passengers friend, aided by our lawyers, will assess your eligibility to claim a refund – free of charge. Our experts will take care of your case and enforce your rights. If necessary, our contract lawyers will not hesitate to represent you in court. As a result you will receive the refund you are entitled to, no matter if your airberlin flight was delayed or if any other airline operated the flight and caused the interruption of your journey.

Airberlin flight delay

Experiences with flight delays and airberlin

Since flight delays may also occur for flights operated by airberlin, Passengers friend is your number one contact in this case. Our experience in dealing with airberlin passengers affected by delays or cancellations enables us to competently answer your questions regarding travel law.

You simply provide us with the number of your airberlin flight and we assess your eligibility to claim a refund – quickly and free of charge. If this is the case, Passengers friend will take over further negotiations with airberlin.

Passengers affected by such eventualities experience that it is worthwhile contacting Passengers friend since we take care of the bureaucratic mess. No matter if you were flying with airberlin or any other carrier – if your flight was more than 3 hours delayed, Passengers friend is able to claim compensation.

Passengers’ experiences

„Thanks a lot. I didn’t have to lift a finger and still got my money back!“

– Holger B. from Essen

„Nice staff, quick feedback, and I received compensation which I’m going to use for my next trip.“ 

– Nadine M. from Düsseldorf

„Also my second experience with Passengers friend was great. Highly recommended.“ 

– Jens K. from Berlin

Backgound knowledge airberlin

airberlin was founded in 1978 in Oregon, USA and is Germany’s second largest airline and is headquartered in Berlin. The company operate a route network including important airports such as Berlin-Tegel, Düsseldorf and Palma de Malorca. The most important travel destinations are constituted by airports around the Mediterranean Sea.

Originally, airberlin was founded in order to access West-Berlin, since it was only air planes operated by the victorious Allies that had access to the West-Berlin airline market after the Second World War until Germany was reunited in 1990. For that reason, airberlin was headquartered in Miami, USA. At that point. The airline took up services with a Boeing 707 on 28 April 1979, with a flight from Berlin to Palma de Mallorca.

Today, airberlin flights depart from 17 German cities: Berlin-Tegel (TXL), Dresden (DRS), Düsseldorf (DUS), Frankfurt am Main (FRA), Hamburg (HAM), Hannover (HAJ), Karlsruhe, Köln-Bonn (CGN), Leipzig/Halle (LEJ), Memmingen, Munich (MUC), Münster-Osnabrück (FMO), Nürnberg (NUE), Paderborn, Saarbrücken, Stuttgart (STR) and Sylt (2016). Did you experience flight delay at any one of the aforementioned airports? Let us assess if you are entitled to claim a refund.