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Delayed Flight as Part of a Package Tour

Have you booked a package tour and your flight has been delayed? Package tours frequently include charter flights, which can make it more complicated for a passenger to enforce their rights as a customer. Passengers friend makes it easy!

Whether against your operator or your airline, we will help you to claim your rights in case of a delayed flight as part of a package tour.

In case of a delayed flight that is part of a package the customer may be entitled to a compensation due to air passenger rights as well as package travel consumer rights. Your compensation might therefore be even higher.

Compensation – What am I entitled to?

The amount of the compensation from the airline depends on the distance between the airports of departure and arrival:

  • Flight distance of up to 1500 km: 250 Euro
  • Flight distance from over 1500 to 3500 km: 400 Euro
  • Flight distance of more than 3500 km: up to 600 Euro

The amount of compensation from the operator varies depending on the duration of the delay, the price of the package, as well as other dynamic factors. Do not hesitate to contact Passengers friend in order to calculate your compensation.

Rescheduled flight times within a package tour

It happens all the time that the tour operator reschedules flight times. Package travellers do not have to put up with this – you can now claim a compensation. If flight times within a package tour are changed after completion of the booking, it is seen as a deviation from the travel contract.

In this context, any change of flight times within fewer than 14 days prior to departure equals a flight delay, thus entitling you to a compensation of up to 600 Euro.

Delayed Flight as Part of a Package Tour

What is a package tour?

The advantage of a package tour is that as a traveller you do not have to take care of many things. For this type of travelling the operator offers a package of several travel services by charging one single price. The travel operator thus organizes the following:

  • Transportation, such as flight and transfer
  • Accommodation at the holiday destination, for example at a hotel
  • Other tourist services, such as excursions or animations with a tour guide
  • Possibly car rental services

When booking a package, you pay a total price and will then receive flight ticket as well as a voucher for the accommodation, usually a hotel. The voucher ensures that you can check in immediately upon arrival. Classic examples of package tours are club holidays or all-inclusive holidays.

Can I cancel the travel package if my flight is delayed?

In case of a delayed flight as part of a package tour even a complete travel cancellation may sometimes be possible. If the delay of the flight to the destination is so long that it impacts the other booked services of the package, the contract can be cancelled. If the delayed flight within a package severely affects the recreational value of your entire holiday, you can withdraw from the travel contract.

CONCLUSION: If within a package tour there are flight delays or other deviations from the scheduled itinerary, you have two claims for compensation; air passenger rights and package travel consumer rights. We offer to check for free whether your entitlement to compensation.